My Craft

Over the years I've developed my skills in numerous ways. Through extensive experience and education in the video game industry and animation, motion and collaboration have become an integral part of my design process.

Graphic Design

From Branding and Logo Design to adverts and print material, I'll work with you to create what you need while maintaining your brand integrity.


From Posters, Products, to Editorials, I have strong passion for illustration and injecting motion into a 2-dimensional space.

The Devil's in the Details

Detail oriented design to ensure the optimal end result.

Quick Turn-Around

I'll work with you and your timelines to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

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High Quality Goods

The Motionless Porcupine store by Vanion Paradis houses high quality goods designed and developed by yours truly

From original artwork, to apparel, and general goods, get your fix of my strange rough and tumble stylings.

Check out the shop! Support your local independent artists.

Check out the shop
More than a just a product. It's a lifestyle.
— Jack Randall


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