I am a freelance graphic artist who studied at the Academy of Design at the RCC Institute of Technology. I currently hold a diploma in Video Game Design and Development. My passions lay in creating. I love to create things, either digitally or with my hands. Illustration, graphic design, UI design, and animation are simply ways that I can put my passion for creating to work.

It’s one thing to have a logo, it’s a another to have a well designed logo that’s used phenomenally.

I initially went into Video Game Design, before finding my love of illustration and 2D design. Due to my beginnings in a different art field, I approach my designs differently. I always picture the final product. With each design, I always keep in mind (through every step) the final product and mediums (or potential mediums) that the design will be used on. Every aspect of a project needs to be well-thought out and work together in harmony; it’s one thing to have a logo, it’s a another to have a well designed logo that’s used phenomenally.





Let me help you tell the story of your brand. My services provide you with the necessary tools to successfully communicate your brand to your audience.

Logo Design

Your logo is often the first impression of your brand, company, or product. A well designed logo stays true to your brand image, and the service/experience offered. This is my priority when designing your logo.


From posters to T-shirts, I will put my creativity and experience to work, in order to produce illustrations suiting your needs. Every image is a story, let me tell yours.

UI Design

With significant experience in video game design, as well as graphic design, I offer expertise in user interface design. Whether it’s a game or an app, UI is simply another form of communicating to the user. Well designed UI communicates effectively while not pulling the user out of the experience. This is my priority in designing your user interface.

And More

I offer a range of services because of my education background, including: 3D modelling, texturing, 2D and 3D animation, package design, concept art, and game design.


With every service I offer, I work directly with you in order to come to full solution of your needs. Together we will create and tell the story that works for you and your audience.





Amazing job! One of the best designers we have ever used. Very easy to work with!

-Byte Ventures

Vanion created a great logo and app icon for my new mobile application. He listened to details well and was able to take my feedback and create the design I was looking for. [...] Vanion is very professional and I would recommend him to others!

-T. Haraguchi


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